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Shame vs Autonomy


Shame is an area of our life that is hidden away and yet it has a profound effect on our creativity and spontaneity. Fear of failure, being seen as weak, showing our mistakes dominates our culture and prevents us from being expressive human beings. Overcoming shame is the antidote to isolation and the narrowing down of life’s opportunities. Vulnerability is a requirement to being loving, respectful and empathic. Through study and self-reflection of our shame we can learn to place ourselves in the shoes of others.

DAY ONE (Saturday 28th July: 9.30am to 4.30pm): Personal Development Day 

This experiential psychodrama workshop is for people who are committed to personal development and it will assist participants to develop in their personal and professional life. Participants will be expected to participate as a protagonist, auxiliary or active group member.  Participants will experience strong emotional responses during the group process.

DAY TWO (Sunday 29th July: 9.30am to 4.30pm): Practitioner Training Day

This training day is for practitioners to develop their knowledge, understanding and therapeutic interventions required when working with shame. The program will be of benefit to those who work with addiction, depression, suicidal behaviour, post-traumatic stress, relationship concerns, conflict and organisations. There will also be a focus on the shame that emerges in the practitioner during their clinical practice in a psychodrama session, in an organisational development setting, as a counsellor and psychotherapist, in staff relationships and when teaching.

This is an experiential program and is designed for professional people to practise under supervision and to lean new responses to situations. Participants will be required to be a protagonist, an auxiliary and a group member. The process will include group discussion and mini lectures. Participants will experience strong emotional responses during the training process.

Please watch this TED Talk before attending either day of the workshop


Director - Annette Fisher is a practising psychodramatist and a psychodrama trainer, educator and practitioner. She is a consultant and psychotherapist with and Drug and Alcohol Service. She is an artist and enjoys combining aesthetics with psychodrama.

WHERE: Awareness Institute, Suite 1, 20 Clarke street, Crows Nest.

COST: AANZPA Members, $70 for one day, $110 for both days.

Non AANZPA Members, $110 for one day, $170 for both days.

Preference will be given to people who wish to attend both days, but it might be possible to attend just one of the days, depending on numbers- so please let us know if you only want to attend one of the days (and which day). Also, if numbers aren't filled from the NSW region by mid June, we will offer the workshop to other AANZPA regions (interstate and NZ)- book your spot as early as possible!!


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