The Hidden Face :
Neutral Mask, Spontaneity and Psychodrama
This workshop will be of great interest to people wishing to strengthen their physical and dramatic presence, spontaneity and expression, in life and on the psychodrama stage... 

The Neutral Mask has no set character and covers the whole face. By neutralizing facial expression it becomes the tool par excellence for discovering and exploring the expressive body and its spontaneity. What is our body? How do we inhabit it? Express with it? What stands
in the way of our moving? 

Through the mask we start to uncover our capacity to embody elemental forces, emotions and character. As the mask has no expression, there are no preconceptions. Every gesture is magnified, is significant. Under the mask, one develops a heightened sense of space, movement and rhythm and a stronger dramatic presence. The mask helps us to be other than we are - taking us out of ourselves in order to return us there more accurately.

This work asks you to enter your body, in the moment, to 'carry' the mask. We will use Psychodrama to explore what emerges as we undertake this journey. 

Please wear plain, comfortable clothing suitable for movement. 

Your Workshop Leaders 

Peter Hall
studied at the Drama Action Centre with Francis Batten and Bridget Brandon, in Playback Theatre with Jonathan Fox and completed four years training in Psychodrama. He was Director of the Drama Action Centre for eight years leading classes in clown, mask, improvisation, story, spontaneity training and Playback Theatre. He has performed and taught extensively throughout Australia, as well as in New Zealand, Europe and the US. He is a writer, storyteller, and poet. His most recent publication & CD is ‘Thicknesses of the Heart’ (2010). 

Rollo Browne is a Sociodramatist and TEP. He works as an executive coach and organisational consultant, is Director of the Psychodrama Australia Campus in Sydney and is currently on the AANZPA Executive. He sees the key to his work over the last twenty years as the reconnection of people to their innate spontaneity so that they can better intervene in their own situations.

When : Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th March 2014
            9.30am - 4.30pm both days
Cost :   AANZPA Members $225
            Non-Members $280
Venue : The Dickson Street Space
            35-39 Dickson St, Newtown NSW
            Public Transport Access : Via bus (# 370, 422, 423, 426 & 428) and
                                                        train (Newtown Station and St Peter's station)
For enquiries please contact :
Katherine Howard m: 0410 561 032 e:
Jenny Postlethwaite m: 0409 533 411 e: 

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Workshop Enrolment - Neutral Mask

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