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The Influence Of Our Ancestors

This workshop is an opportunity to evoke the breath of our ancestors as we inhabit their lives from a new perspective....


Different strands are at the forefront of our remembered stories at different times in our lives. Our preferences and prejudices are influenced by the values we inherit. Past events form the basis of current norms and rituals. Role reversal sets us free to choose anew. 


This workshop is influenced by the seminal work of Ann Schutzenberger that brings transgenerational influences into our awareness as we face the challenges in our lives. This applies to the range of colonial, wartime, migration, and related issues that make up the unique history of your forebears.


AANZPA NSW professional development workshops are offered with the intention of expanding and developing professional psychodramatic skills in a particular theme area. Within the workshop there will be time to reflect on how the psychodramatic method can enable change and experiential sessions will be followed by some analysis and teaching of how this theme, worked with psychodramatically, might be useful in our own day to day professional practices.


Our workshop presenter Sara Crane is the President of AANZPA. She is a psychodramatist and trainer educator practitioner (TEP) in Christchurch and Dunedin, Aotearoa  New Zealand. She works in private practice as a psychotherapist and supervisor. She is involved with a number of community agencies, runs psychodrama groups and sees families and children. Sara farms a small herd of llamas on a Governors Bay property. She comes from Ulster, Northern Ireland, and has a deep interest in lore and legend.


When : Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th March 2013
            Saturday     9.00am - 4.00pm
                Sunday       9.00am - 4.30pm
Cost :  AANZPA Members $185 
           Non-Members $280
Venue  The Centre of Therapy Bodywork and Yoga
               2/74 Willoughby Rd, Crows Nest 
               Enter via doorway and up the stairs 
               Next to North Shore Office Supplies 
               Opposite North Side Baptist Church
The nearest train station is St Leonards, a little less than 10 mins walk away, and buses run along the nearby Pacific Highway. 
If you are coming by car, there is all day parking close by, at the council car park in Pole Lane, just off Hume Street.
For enquiries please contact :
  Katherine Howard    m: 0410 561 032   e:
  Jenny Postlethwaite  m: 0409 533 411  e:

74 Willoughby Rd