Goldilocks Action Methods In Organisations

Not too hot, not too cold ....

Many of the skills and techniques that you have learned in psychodrama training can stand you in good stead in organisational work. But we are diffident, perhaps rightly, about applying them, in case they fall flat, or are regarded as fluffy and uncool, or even as “too hot” and not appropriate for a workplace. 

In these two days we will explore some just-right uses of space, stage, role and time, where knowledge that you already possess, say of sociometry, interviewing for a role, or moving people through space, can be employed. 

The workshop will be characterised by periods of intense group work, experimentation, and training in design and delivery. It will be interspersed by simulations, and brief psychodramatic illustrations. Though participants’ personal material will inevitably be involved, the frame is essentially one of professional training.

Your Workshop Leader : Dr Antony Williams

is a Clinical Psychologist, TEP and former member of the AANZPA Board of Examiners.

As Associate Professor, he was in charge of Counselling Psychology programs at La Trobe University, Melbourne for many years and has conducted workshops around the world on using action methods to unravel individual and systemic problems. Now in Melbourne with two small children, he consults to organisations in the public and private sectors.

Antony is the author of three books on group methods and supervision - The Passionate Technique focusing on psychodrama, Forbidden Agendas, focusing on groupwork and Visual and Active Supervision. He has a new book on the stove at the moment, about using action methods in consultancy and facilitation.

As a workshop leader, he engages his participants in a highly active adult education model that helps them learn through structured experiences. Participants report being curious, challenged, learning lots, and enjoying the work.

When : Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th May 2015
            9.30am - 4.30pm both days
Cost :   AANZPA Members $225
            Non-Members $280
Venue : Gladesville Road Community Centre
             44 Gladesville Road, Hunters Hill, NSW
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Lynley McNab  m: 0423 367 140  e:
Jenny Postlethwaite m: 0409 533 411 e: 

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