The AANZPA vision is of able men and women all over the place expressing themselves relevantly in the ordinary here and now situations in which they live and work. This expression may be in silence, in building, in planning, in negotiating, in teaching, or in play, but it will be a responsive and creative expression, an expression that brings joy to the human spirit, that uplifts the soul, that makes us feel part of the universe again.

 AANZPA Accredited Training Institutes

AANZPA accredits Training Institutes with suitably qualified staff to deliver psychodrama training in accordance with the standards set out in the AANZPA Training and Standards Manual




Psychodrama Australia

(Sydney Campus)

 At PA Sydney Campus...

Director of Training
Rollo Browne
Telephone : 0417 682 085

Bona Anna, Charmaine McVea

Visiting Trainers
Vivienne Thomson, Annette Fisher
Elizabeth Synnot 

Website : 

AANZPA Regional Communities


ANZPA’s Regions further the life of AANZPA and its members in each geographical area. There are six regions in Australia and four in New Zealand. The regions organise and advertise local events, organise practitioner seminars, have conferences and carry out other important tasks in the life of AANZPA




President: Lynley McNab 
Email :
Phone : 0423 367 140

Secretary: Lynne Burchmore
Treasurer: Jo Dewar 

Executive Committee Members:
Penny Beran, Tina Roussos, Willi Boettcher, Jenny Gilligan


Email :        Website :