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Warming Up To A Thesis

posted Aug 23, 2015, 7:49 PM by Jenny Postlethwaite   [ updated Jul 18, 2016, 2:00 AM ]
                 Warming Up To A Thesis...

Saturday August 22nd saw the latest Professional Development session for NSW/ACT region. It was great to see some faces that we've missed for a while - Colleen - and some new faces as well - welcome Tina!

Jenny Postlethwaite presented to the gathered group on her thesis "The Naked Sociodramatist : Critcal Moments in a Team Building Workshop". 

Responding to a question from the group, Jenny shared with us her path from original idea conception through to settling on the final theme for her writing. This opened up a discussion regarding what insights we gain about ourselves (as opposed to insights about our topic) as we contemplate, compose and complete a thesis. This was very much in keeping with the principal  theme of Jenny's thesis, of reflecting on practitioner functioning and the developing and accessing of their own spontaneity, creativity and leadership.

Helen Kearins was highly enthused by our regional success rate in completing thesis, noting that 3 trainees - Jenny, Geraldine Kearney and Marlene Hixon have all had theses approved by the Board of Examiners in recent times. Jo Dewar let us in on the advance news that her thesis is also very close to finalisation ("pending minor corrections"). Sensational !! Marlene, Jenny and Gerry are also scheduled to undertake their practical assessment in October. Good luck girls ... may your spontaneity flourish in abundance!

(Pictured : Helen Kearins, Marlene Hixon, Jenny Postlethwaite and Jo Dewar)