Goldilocks - Not too hotnot too cold!!

What an invitation!

A call to come and experience Antony Williams as a workshop leader working with us to practice ways to use action methods in our work in organisations:

  • not too cold (boring and flat)
  • not too hot (too scary, over personal and psychodramatic and inappropriate)
  • but just right ways to get people on their feet early on in an organisational focused workshop and used to interacting with each other in structured activities.
And come we did. In late May, 18 or so people came to spend two days with Antony - approximately half from the AANZPA community and half that we had links with and had attended some psychodrama event or other along the way. It was a great varied group of people working in a range of organisations and work roles. Anthony would put forward his thinking and we would put into practice various exercises that Antony has used effectively across his experience in organisational workplaces often with CEO’s and Executive Teams.

There were many useful ideas that people could take into and use in their own work settings.

June 2015