Congratulations On A Critical Moment

From AANZPA Inform 26th June 2015 .....

The AANZPA Board of Examiners is pleased to announce that Jenny Postlethwaite's thesis has been passed and is now available on the AANZPA website.

Title of Thesis: The Naked Sociodramatist - Critical Moments in a Team Building Workshop

AbstractWorking in the here and now of group life demands a sociodrama practitioner’s full and creative engagement with whatever emerges. It calls upon them, at times, to stand metaphorically naked – willing to be vulnerable, undefended and accepting of their own fallibility – while sustaining confidence in and connection to their own spontaneity.

In any given moment a group interaction may hang finely in the balance. Depending on what happens next, the work of the group will be progressed or inhibited. These are moments of possibility. And where the potential impact is great, they may be thought of as critical moments. This thesis considers the functioning of a sociodrama practitioner, exploring six critical moments in a oneday team building program where spontaneity in the group is strongly affected by conserves which inhibit speaking up.


Thesis Registrar 

Dr Kevin Franklin