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AGM Moments

posted Jul 22, 2017, 6:21 PM by Jenny Postlethwaite   [ updated Jul 22, 2017, 7:13 PM ]
An enthused group of 12 members gathered for the regional 2016/2017 AGM on a crisp and clear winter's day this weekend (22/7). 

Through her President's Report, Lynley highlighted the health of our region, revisiting our myriad activities throughout the year and appreciating the efforts of the regional committee. The Treasurer's report from Jenny P confirmed that we are in good shape financially.

A key task at the AGM is the annual election of office bearers and committee members. 2 of the existing committee members decided not to re-stand this year - Jenny Postlethwaite resigned as Treasurer and Yehoshua resigned as Secretary. 

Elections saw Lynley McNab returned as President, Lynne MacDonald elected as Secretary and Jo Dewar as Treasurer. Existing committee members Penny Beran, Willi Boetcher and Tina Roussos were re-elected and joined by new member Jenny Gilligan. Congratulations to all!!

Yehoshua and Jenny were thanked for their service to the committee and our community. And a vote of thanks was moved to Lynley for her ongoing efforts as President.

As part of the sharing of appreciation, Jenny was presented with a beautiful bowl as a thank you gift (see picture) for her 6 years of service as Treasurer and her myriad other contributions. 

A wonderful and moving ritual spontaneously unfolded as the bowl was passed from person to person, with each speaking a wish into it for Jenny. Beautiful.