Hello and welcome to AANZPA NSW/ACT, a regional community of the Australian and Aotearoa  New Zealand Psychodrama Association.


In conjunction with the accredited training institute Psychodrama Australia (Sydney Campus), we foster the integration of creativity, spontaneity and freedom - the values which underlie the psychodrama method - into the personal and professional lives of the people of our region.

Our activities promote the understanding and use of psychodrama and related action methods originated by JL Moreno, informing professional groups and the public about psychodrama and its applications and enhancing the sociometry of members of AANZPA NSW/ACT with each other and the wider community.

Our Association gatherings and workshops are focused on professional development and sharing the ways in which we each use psychodrama in our professional lives. We do this sharing in action, using the psychodrama method as much as possible to learn from each other and support each other in our professional endeavours. At the Professional Development Gatherings we also focus on enriching our sociometry with each other within the community and continuing to develop our personal and professional relationships. We enjoy socialising whilst sharing a meal, singing together and celebrating individual milestones.

Professional Development Gatherings and Workshops are open to AANZPA members, current and previous trainees and friends of the psychodrama community. Contact us to make enquiries or to add your name to the mailing list to be advised of upcoming events.

I look forward to seeing you at our next Community Gathering.


Warm wishes, 
Lynley McNab
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